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Chilean Domaines Barons De Rothschild (Lafite)

  • Tasting Date: 17 October 2013.
  • Country: Chile
  • State: Colchagua
  • Region: Colchagua Valley – see map wines of Chile
  • Vineyard: Viña Los Vascos
  • Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vintage: 2010
  • ABV: 14%
  • Closure: Nomacorc – see info on Nomacorc
  • Production: 250,000 – 300,00 Cases
  • Paid: $10
  • Score: BUY + HOLD
  • Brief: At the price of $10 this is a good buy. Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon managed by Lafite! This wine was most interesting after 2 hours. Hey, it’s a young wine, it deserves at least another year in the bottle. Your other option is to decant for 2 hours to enjoy today.
  • Notes: Clear garnet color, cherry, plum, oak on the nose. At opening it was tight, smooth, modest acid and tannin, short finish. Not a lot going on. With about 30 minutes exposure it had fresh cherry and a little heat on the palate. Okay, after 45 minutes it began to fill out, heat was gone, it was looking promising. It took an hour, but coffee and dark chocolate made a welcome appearance. Interestingly, barnyard floor on the nose, yep, hay along with some friendly farm smells. After 1.5 hours that barnyard blew off. Most interesting at 2 hours.

Los Vascos 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Colchagua, Chile,
Domaines Barons De Rothschild (Lafite) 



2010 Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon