“Wine can be as simple or complicated as you need or want.”

“We believe the 12th Wine should be special.”

“We don’t make the wine. We drink the wine and tell you about it.”

– Quotes by 12th Wine.

Wine Scores: We don’t use numbers to rate wine. How we score wine.

  1. BUY – We liked the wine. We think you will like the wine. Go buy the wine.
  2. DRINK – We drank this wine. We enjoyed drinking this wine. This wine is ready to drink now. Drink it.
  3. HOLD – Wait, don’t drink this wine now. Likely a young wine and needs more bottle time. Hold for a time.
  4. CELLAR – Buy this wine and add it to your wine cellar. Don’t have a cellar? Start a cellar with this wine. Age worthy.
  5. FLIP A COIN – No strong opinion about this wine. You may like this wine better than we did. You decide.

Appreciation of wine: Your palate, my palate, they may be different.

  1. Trust.
    Trust Your Palate. Don’t worry about what others like. If you like a wine, drink it.
  2. Explore.
    There is a world of wine. Don’t get stuck in a rut, explore that world. Try something new and different.
    Ever tried a Spanish Albariño?
  3. Compare.
    If you enjoy a bottle of Malbec from Argentina, then buy more Malbec from different Argentina wineries. Compare them. Then look for Malbec from other regions of the world. Compare them too. This will give you a good idea of what Malbec is like from around the world.
    Ever tried a Malbec from the USA?
  4. Refine.
    If you enjoy drinking wine, you may find that your palate changes over time. Your preference for one style of wine could be displaced by a preference for other styles of wine. Power might be replaced by subtlety or sweet by dry. You many have to go back to #1 and start the process over.
  5. 12th Wine.
    Some wines are special. Find those special wines and make them your 12th Wine. The wine you would fill out a case with. The wine you would gift to your favorite friends. The wine you save for special moments. These are 12th Wines.


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